Re-energize health care

Energy efficiency and procurement in the Marche Regional Operational Programme

Energy efficiency of public building is a core issue in the Marche Regional Operational Programme adopted in the framework of Regulation 1303/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council and Green@hospital

Control strategies to reduce energy consumption in hospitals. The workshop results.

Fundació Sanitaria Mollet and Fundació LA UNIÓ organized the workshop “Control strategies to reduce energy consumption in hospitals”, which took place on October 15th in Mollet. The event included the presentation of

Workshop on control strategies to reduce energy consumption in hospitals

SUBSCRIBE HERE Hospital of Mollet is pleased to invite you to the workshop “CONTROL STRATEGIES TO REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION IN HOSPITALS”. The event will be held in the Conference room on Wednesday

Smart energy systems for sustainable hospitals. The workshop results.

The workshop on “Smart Energy Systems for Sustainable Hospitals: Lessons learnt from the Green@Hospital Project“, hosted by Technical University of Crete and Saint George Hospital on Friday 26th of September in Chania (Crete), counted

AOR Data Centre cooling: IT manager opinion

Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona IT manager has been interviewed about the benefits of the Green@Hospital project. “Agora, the hospital Data Centre, was refurbished by Loccioni Group with the purpose of hosting all

Andalusian Health Service learns from Green@Hospital

Green@Hospital project was presented in the framework of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) in the technical meeting “Health architecture in Public Health System of Andalusia”, organized by the Andalusian School of Health and

AOR lighting system: users opinion

Some interviews have been realized to  understand how the hospital personnel perceives the new lighting system installed in in the Framework of the Green@Hospital project. Below the feedback collected from clinicians working in

Validation procedure and evaluation plan

Another important document from the Green@Hospital project is available in the website download area: D5.1 Monitoring guidelines and evaluation plan has been submitted. The main purpose of the document is ensuring data

Chania workshop: last days to register

The workshop “Smart Energy Systems for Sustainable Hospitals: Lessons learnt from the Green@Hospital Project” will be held at the Cooperative Bank of Chania from 10.00 – 15.00 on Friday 26th of September

Monitoring guidelines

Deliverable D5.1 – Monitoring guidelines and evaluation plan has just been published and is available in the Download area. The document describes how the installation phase has been carried on in the